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    NIESBUD- National Institute for Entrepreneurship and small Business Development is India's largest skill training provider.
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    The paramedical workforce serves in all medical disciplines at varying professional levels.
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    CTDS offers over 1000 courses in a wide variety of subject areas, including design, entrepreneurialism and even culinary topics.

Welcome to CTDS

CTDS, Council for Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational & Scientific Studies has been registered as an NGO under the aegis of the Government of India. It is essentially a National Level Professional Education Organization agency, an ISO 9001:2015 certified professional institution with its headquarters in New Delhi.

We at CTDS recognize that Human development is not at all possible without appropriate education and take up the responsible task of imparting education with utmost seriousness.

There are literally millions of job seekers, workers, and employees who dream of a bright future but prevented from doing so from a lack of the necessary education and skills. To achieve this we are in collaboration with the NIESBUD or National Institute of Skill Training and Entrepreneurship Falicitation Centre of NIELIT. The CTDS realizes the need for not only skill development but also a comprehensive improvement of the youth in our country. So this organization has stepped in to realize the dreams of these people, by helping them gain the practical skills necessary to either to get a job or to advance in their present jobs. This helps them to achieve much higher standards of living. For nearly half a century, we have been providing courses at CTDS's administrative office in Malappuram, Kerala in disciplines such as Business Management, Education, Paramedical, Technical, Information Technology and Engineering Courses etc.


Chairman's Message

CTDS is a national level NGO which is working in the skill sector. CTDS believes in academic excellence which is the main focus to develop personal, intellectual and professional development of our students. “Better employees for good employers” is the slogan of CTDS. We provide challenging learning environment which contributes professional employees for employers. CTDS provides not only professionalism in any job, but also team spirit, skills and positive attitude for the environment. CTDS believes in quality education, practical experience and establishing of positive thoughts.


I am glad to know that the Council for Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational and Scientific Studies is involved in imparting skill development and technical education.

I hope that the collective efforts of all associated with Council for Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational and Scientific Studies would enable it to meet its objectives and scale greater heights.

Wishing all success


Skill development is a major division of education. it is the most neglected part of our educational system. All our children of the under 14 years age group are supposed to attend school where they are to complete eight years of primary education.A large section of students who complete it go for secondory education and then to higher secondory. Out of those who complete 12 years of schooling government want to send 30 percent for higher education by 2020. Now it is only around 20 percent. The remaining 70 percent of young men and women go for various kinds of jobs in agriculture, industry and service sectors. Till recently most of them used to enter these jobs as untrained hands.
But with the fast advance in science and technology every job, not only in big establishments but even in medium and small industries, service instituitions and even in agriculture requires training for a long or short duration. It is this area which is now mentioned as skilled jobs for which skill training has become important and widespread. Now there is a central ministry to coordinate activities in that field. CTDS, the eminent skill training provider giving training in various courses.
I hope CTDS and experts will make a big contributition to the training of skilled manpower thus filling up a big void in the field of education


Member of Parliament, Rajyasabha

Extending my warm greetings to CTDS, a institution offering job oriented skill training courses in Technical, IT, Marine, Fashion Designing, and other proffessional domains in india and abroad. Do compliment their exemplary efforts in educating the underprivileged and uneducated women.


Member of Parliament, Lakshadweep

CTDS, as a National Skill development agency, based at Kerala has been doing a commendable job in skill development sector. They stand apart, with their efforts in publishing text books for the interested students, under guidance of experts. I hereby declare the release of 13th book from CTDS, "A handbook for practical nursing assistant" (multipurpose health work). I am confident that this book will be a great asset to the society, with this content enriched with experience.

Chittayam Gopakumar

Deputy Speaker,
Kerala Legislative Assembly