About Us

Why choose Us

Workers, employees and job seekers, we provide competent support in opening up a secure professional future. Council for Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational and Scientific Studies is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization, Development Authority and a registered NGO under Government of India with its Administrative Office at Malappuram, Kerala. The modern world is in a constant state of flux. The society and especially the world of work is changing at a greater pace. For employees and job-seekers, it is not always easy to keep abreast with the latest technological developments. Therefore, learning beyond the formal education is more important than ever and will continue to gain importance in the future.
Council for Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational and Scientific Studies (CTDS) is an autonomous body, Registered NGO working as a professional resource agency, Under NCT act, Govt. of India. CTDS having its registered office at New Delhi has hundreds of affiliated institutions as study centres across in all over India, which makes professionals and experts through Skill development course and trainings for the development of youth of India. CTDS Training Centres are the hubs of professionals.

Why we are Different?

  • Specialized Standard Syllabus
  • Unique Study plans for our Students
  • Resourceful Faculties & TOT Programming
  • Placement Assistance
  • Teachers Training Division (TOT)
  • Students Hand Book
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Faculties skill upgradation from time to time
  • Board for Examination & Certification
The CTDS is administrated by a group of well-known educationists who are dedicated in their continuous efforts in giving quality education in various disciplines so that students can choose from a wide menu of courses.
Our Aims

CTDS aims to provide state of the art training by trainers/faculties of high professional caliber. Only such teachers can mold better professionals who can make valuable contributions to our society. To this end, CTDS conducts various TOT’s or teacher/trainer oriented programs to improve the trainer’s coaching skills. CTDS also develops the necessary leadership skills for both trainers and students. Without leadership skills, a person cannot advance himself/herself in today's highly competitive world. This is exactly why we impart special programs by renowned experts and trainers. Apart from this, we have prepared a whole series of quality programs to achieve our aims.

Our Philosophy

The world of today is in like a melting pot, changing so rapidly that it takes a great effort to keep up with the changing times. And for a student or job seeker, it is really hard to keep up with the up to the minute technological advances. So it becomes necessary to transcend the learning provided by formal education and seek ever knew pastures of wisdom and instruction so that they are future ready. Under the circumstances, those who are looking up to the job market to secure a job with good career prospects need training over and above their college degrees.

Our Mission

CTDS remains a non-profit and independent conglomerate, and as such can help in the personal and professional development to impart dynamic support for the process of social integration. In fact, the motto of our program for practical training is ‘Learning for the Future.

Our Agenda

Our agenda for sustainable learning is based on two principles called partnership as well as trustworthy learning practices. Since the scope of CTDS is to effectively implement the plans of the Government of India in an educational scenario along with robust skill development for students from all over India advancing understanding across diverse cultural margins. Based on the notion of equal opportunities, beyond religions, social status, gender, political inclinations and so on, CTDS marches forward in a spirit of optimism and confidence to render quality education available to all with a multi-lingual, cross-cultural, skilled and dedicated faculty and support staff.

Our Goals

By taking our duties with the attention it deserves we place both the socio-political labor market along with social policies in the right perspective, integrating vocational training to employment, the constraints on public budgets are relieved to a large extent. When individuals expand the horizons of their knowledge and protect their state of employment, it naturally leads to the advance of economic development. To gain these goals, we at the CTDS create pioneering ideas for the provision of basic education, training, re-training if necessary, and counseling as also referrals. Further, we expand the horizons of knowledge of our students, by prioritizing factors such as accepting, creating and going into partnerships regional educational institutions. By transferring expertise we are proactively engaged in the advancement of education on all India level basis

Our Partners

Our principal aim is to satisfy our partners and students. By doing so, we can be perpetually successful in providing education of the highest quality, at the same time protecting the interests of both. To this end, personal contacts and dynamic cooperation is essential. As a trustworthy partner and skillful service provider, we appreciate both recognition and criticism of our partners both sincerely and seriously. The feedback provides us with valuable information as well as suggestions so that we can continually improve our functions to impart state of the art services through the coming years. We believe that sustainable learning can be achieved only in an atmosphere of trust and friendliness